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"Your music is beautiful! 
You’re great with expression, emotion and melody which are fairly rare talents."
- Dan Graham / Gothic Storm 

"Your stuff sounds really good."

- Marc Jacobs / Tonal Chaos

Brilliant work on the classical tracks - you’ve captured something about the intention behind the music, not just the notes!
- Dan Graham / Gothic Storm

"You're a machine!!!"
  - Ján Kuba / Pieces of Eden

I had a chance to check out your portfolio and your tracks are great!
  - Shawn Barnes / Trailer Music Lessons

"Your music always captures my soul."
- Healing Melodies

"This Guy Knows how the Music and the Voice can create emotion.
We love your music soul."
- Stefano Maccarelli / Ethera Gold

"Please keep creating the amazing music, it needs to be heard by more people."
- Eric Schultheiss / IONIATE

You have an amazing productivity with new music! All great too!
- Dan Graham / Gothic Storm

Exceptional composer David Michael Tardy brings
this fantastic release to the forefront of adventure albums.
  - Lyubomir Yordanov / Atom Music Audio

"This is soooo crazy goood. My spirit almost left my body and I almost wanted it to as well. Well done sir, well done indeed."
- Paul Luxford


"Thank you so much. This song came on during a scene I was writing as a "next song" in YouTube and it literally brought me to emotional tears. I've listened to it everyday. It inspired several scenes in my book. I had to have it in my trailer :)

Thank you again."

- D.L. Blade / Best Selling Amazon Author

I just listened to your music
"Eclipse" on Youtube.
I think It's a great track!
You're super talented!

- Vivien Chebbah/ Avalon Zero

"I feel very connected with your music."
- Vivien Chebbah/ Avalon Zero

"I just discovered your music. But It was enough for me to understand how amazing and special your music is."
Vivien Chebbah / Avalon Music

"Inspires the human spirit'
to reach for the sky! Thank you.
  - Gregory Waits

THIS SIDE OF ME_160bpm_FINAL MIX 1David Michael Tardy
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