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Virharmonic's Bohemian Violin Expansion 2 Slated for Jan 2019!

Virharmonic's Bohemian Violin, without a doubt is the most realistic violin available at the moment. I LOVE that ALL of the expansions are free to existing customers!

Bohemian Violin Expansion 2

We have an update on our progress with Expansion 2 for the Violin. While we have hoped to be entering beta this week, we still have work ahead of us.

The really good news is that we have made further improvements on the streaming, so we are now confident that the loading times of EXP2 and overall memory uptake will be lower (on SSD considerably so) to the Expansion 1 version even on 7200RPM. The bad news is that it took much longer then we have planned to make sure that it works as intended and to make sure that even slower 7200 RPM drives can take advantage of these changes. We will release exact numbers for loading and memory once we are in beta and we hear from testers that it is all working on their systems same as on ours.

We are also continuing our work on the performer behaviour tree, tweaking all the different moods as well as making sure that the performer behaves the way Ondrej would as a violinist

Following our last email a lot of you have asked us what will Expansion 2 contain. EXP2 is internally nicknamed ‘Motion’, so Bow change legato varied in speed and dynamic leading to almost double the legato types available to the performer, as well as varied rebows, non vibrato sustains, non vibrato bow changed legatos in it’s most natural form and more…. All the bow changed legatos are captured in the same way as onbow legatos, just in more suitable variations.

Once the EXP2 is released, from the beginning to an end of the phrase you play, the performer will be using appropriate in ‘momentum captured’ samples that deliver truly life like capture of the performer as each sample is a carefully captured true part of real performance, regardless of how fast, slow, hard or light you play in what ever dynamic or bow direction ;) We are also adding and expanding on our Cello Lasting bow for the violin.

We have more features to announce in the EXP2 for the violin and we will share these upon the Beta testing and Reveal videos that will come closer to release.

At this point it is starting to be clear to us that we won’t be able to start and complete the beta before the Holiday season (Time it takes for each encoding, people being on holidays and time required to implement feedback is against us now) and as always, we will first make sure that Expansion 2 is a solid fully fledged library before we release it to you and as there are many changes in the script due to the streaming and complete new mapping to accommodate the changes, it is taking longer then we have expected and hoped, but we will work on it until it is as amazing as we know it can be. As a result we are moving the Release Date for the Violin Expansion 2 to January.

For now we would like to thank you all for your massive support, ideas you have sent us for EXP2 as they have really shaped our development and your patience, as it is only thanks to you all that we can truly innovate and make you the performer you desire.

PS, As the priority has been and still is on the EXP2 for the violin we didn’t get around to switching over to the new servers yet, but this switch will still probably happen this year.

Warm Regards

The VirHarmonic Team

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