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Need a Balkin / Celtic Vocalist?


Studio Vocals: Laurie for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX Samples overview

8Dio Studio Vocals Series: “Laurie,” features the majestic and versatile neoclassical singer, Laurie Ann Haus, capturing a deep-sampled set of articulations on her Celtic, Balkan, Middle Eastern and Operatic styles of singing, encompassing True Legato, Sustains, Marcato and Phrases.

For the series with Laurie, (StarCraft 2, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, The Borgias, Witchville, etc.), we developed an entirely new method for sampling, which we deployed into the Balkan Legato. The technique is called Flex™ Legato, which creates richer, more varied type of legato – where Laurie fundamentally changes vowels on all legato transitions. We additionally sampled her Celtic Legato in traditional legato fashion, so you have access to both methods of sampling.

We recorded three different types of sustains, standard sustains, sustains with vibrato and subtler Celtic style sustains, each containing six vowels. There are two styles of Marcato recorded, standard and Balkan, each containing 11 different vowels.

The series offers a massive library of 2 x 20 different multi-vowels, which is a concept we introduced in our 200 Person Epic Choir, Lacrimosa. The multi-vowels are 100% compatible, so you can have Laurie sing precisely the same as the choir and match them perfectly.

The library includes over 2.700 different phrases, divided into different categories such as Celtic, Soft Celtic Talking, Soft Middle Eastern, Belting Balkan, etc. The phrases are designed to be used with the multi-sampled content and give you a broad introduction to Laurie’s extensive vocal palette.

8Dio Studio Vocals Series: “Laurie,” is an extensive package that is a must-have for sound engineers, musicians, and audiophiles working in the medium.

Laurie is available for custom soundtrack work.


Studio Vocal Series: “Laurie” spans both deep- and wide in terms of its musical styles. Whether you want a beautiful and emotional Celtic inspired soundtrack vocal or a strong haunting sound of Balkan and Middle-Eastern inspired vocals – it is all there at your fingertips. This library is dedicated to both capturing Celtic and Balkan type of articulations – both in regards to True Legato, Multi-Vowels, Sustains, Marcato and our comprehensive deep-sampled selection of over 2.700 different phrases.

True Flex™Legato

Flex™ Legato is a new legato technique we developed for the library. It allows you to play more realistic sounding type of legato phrases. Every time you make a legato switch – Laurie will change vowel on the legato transition and go back to her root vowel. So if you select: “Eh” as your root vowel she could go EH>NA>EH or EH>SU>EH. Flex™ Legato is based around what felt natural to Laurie and it contains three different types of unique legato that breathes completely new life into the idea of virtual solo vocals.

Massive Articulation Set

The library contains a very extensive set of articulations ranging from our new True Flex™ Legato to standard Celtic Legato, from a wealth of advanced Multi-Vowels recorded in different tempos to three different types of regular sustains. We sampled two types of Marcato (Classic and Balkan Inspired) and in addition the library holds over 2.700 phrases, which are spread across a variety of categories from soft, ethereal Celtic tongues to strong, powerful and motion picturesque Middle Eastern and Balkan inspired voices.

Word Sequencer

Studio Solo Vocals: Laurie contains a brand new Word Sequencer that allows you to build words and phrases. The Word Sequencer to create complicated sequence of syllables, consonants, multi-vowels and non-tonal sounds. You can sequence up to 64 different articulations and create highly complicated sentences of words. The builder also allows you to randomize sequences, assign advanced controls and we added non-tonal consonants on top of the keyboard for additional sculpting.

Chaos FX 3.2

Studio Vocal Series Laurie also contains our new Chaos FX System (3.0) – giving you instant access to key controls, dual stereo delay, convolution reverb with custom sampled hall impulses, experimental convolution reverb with custom sound designed impulses filter, EQ, bitbrusher, distortion, trace-gate, hyper-flexible range and CC-assignment etc. The Chaos System allows you to transform the sound of Laurie into something entirely different.

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