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Having a BLAST w/ EXHALE!

OUTPUT'S Modern Vocal Engine EXHALE

I just added OUTPUT'S Modern Vocal Engine EXHALE yesterday, to my plug-ins and I am having a BLAST!

Play the Human Voice

Ready for a new virtual instrument? Whether you're a composer, sound designer, or producer, Output Exhale enhances your sonic palette with an eminently playable vocal engine that generates ethereal textures, tempo-sync'd effects, stutters, delays, pads, loops, saturation, macros, motion, flux, and more - all based on the original musical instrument. For Exhale, Output contracted top producers, who sampled individual vocalists and a full choir, with the emphasis on capturing emotion and imperfections. Twenty-one sound designers then labored for six months manipulating the raw performances through vintage analog gear. Capture the modern sound of today's cutting-edge records and cinematic scores with Output Exhale.

Output Exhale Features at a Glance:

  • Playable vocal engine for Kontakt or Kontakt Player

  • 500 unique presets

  • 10GB of raw material

  • 3 Modes: Notes, Loops, and Slices

  • Snapshots for Native Instruments Maschine

  • Automatable Insert and Mod FX

Output Exhale: the human voice, like you've never heard it before!

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