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GOTHIC STORM RELEASES: Epic Choral Stab Revival!

I extremely proud and honored to have my composition "Deception", on Gothic Storm's latest album release, "EPIC CHORAL STAB REVIVAL", alongside a team of amazing composers! A special thank you to Dan Graham, for providing such fantastic opportunities and a special thank you to Darin Leach, for always creating such amazing album artwork. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin ______________________________

Gothic Storm proudly presents our latest album ‘Epic Choral Stab Revival’. Featuring everything that was over the top and glorious from the golden age of stabbing epic choral trailer music, updated with gigantic modern production power.

Listen here:

Huge thanks to our wonderful composers Hannu Honkonen, Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues, Giscard Rasquin, Grant Borland, Andrii Yefymov, Vinko Borcic, Matthias Heider, David Andrew Chappell, David Tardy, Amadeo Lopez & Rene Osmanczyk and to Darin Leach for the awesome artwork!

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