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Art Conductor for Logic 10.3 Scripter

Put a better structure to your orchestra libraries and master articulations and expression with ease

There are two popular ways of dealing with instrument articulations in Logic. Key switches, which work but gives you little overview of what’s going on. And loads of tracks - which gives you better overview but results in a gigantic track counts and that limits your overview again. But, what if you want to simply draw the articulations right into the automation lane? And see real articulation names instead of cryptical notes or channels? Transpose without destroying key switches?

The Boring Work Has Already Been Done

Art Conductor 2.1 supports over 30 first class sample libraries right out of the box. That's over 500 presets in total, or over 4500 articulations. There's no complicated setup and no messing around with Logic's environment at all. You just load the preset and go.Nevertheless, you can create your own presets. Easily - without programming knowledge. Because all you need to know is which articulation sits on which key switch or MIDI channel. And that's easy because pretty much every instrument shows this info anyway.We've even designed extra versions for Spitfire Audio, EastWest Play and Vienna instruments to support exclusive features.

Here's a list of the libraries we currently support by a full set of presets:

8dio Adagio

Audiobro LASS

Cinematic Strings

Cinematic Strings 2

Cinematic Studio Strings

Embertone Chapman Trumpet

Embertone Chapman Tuba

Heavyocity NOVO

Light and Sound Chamber Strings

Musical Sampling Adventure Brass

Musical Sampling Trailer Brass

Musical Sampling Trailer Strings

Orchestraltools Berlin Strings

Orchestraltools Berlin Brass

Orchestraltools Berlin Woodwinds

Orchestraltools Metropolis Arc 1+2

Soundiron Brass Ensemble

Soundiron Brass Solo

Spitfire BML Brass /Wind/Woods

Spitfire LCO Strings

Spitfire Symphonic Strings

Spitfire Symphonic Brass

Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds

Spitfire Bernhard Herrmann

Spitfire Sacconi Quartet

Spitfire Mural

Spitfire Phalanx

Spitfire Sable

Spitfire Chamber Strings

Spitfire Masse

Subtones Emotional Cello


  • Art Conductor is a staple addition for hundreds of media composers the world over

  • Works with virtually any instrument which uses note or channel based key switching

  • Special presets for VSL and EW Play instruments

  • The biggest collection of ready made presets available in any Logic articulation switcher

  • We've designed Art Conductor with musicians in mind. You can easily edit and customize it without knowing how to program code

  • Finally enables you to transpose parts without destroying key switches

  • Articulations can be renamed to make them consistent over all instruments

  • The script saves with the Logic project. No additional software installation is needed when you run the project on another Mac

  • You can keep using traditional key switches in parallel if required

  • Art Conductor scripts can be easily stacked within one instrument

  • All versions support TouchOSC UACC template. You can remote your instrument from a tablet

  • Very resource friendly (using many instances doesn't tax your Mac)

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