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AudioBro's LA Scoring Strings & Legato Sordino 2.5 is still a go to string library for many film composers and I love it!

LA Scoring Strings 2.5 (LASS) brings you a whole new set of tools and revised sonic profiles providing a new level of expressiveness, realism, real-time playability and program-ability to sampled strings. We updated and improved all our Sonic Profile Colors to yield a higher fidelity than before. Every preset was recreated from scratch using our most advanced technology. We also created 25 new Marcato patches and created the “Sordino-izer” that gives any articulation that LASS Sordino sound.

Aside from our 2.5 update, the Stage & Color feature (providing an easy way for you to have LASS sound like famous orchestral recordings and film scores), LASS 2.5 has over 85 new patches(compared to LASS 1) ranging from Aleatoric (string effects) to NV-Vib (non vibrato to vibrato) to Real Legato Tremolo and Trill patches. Below is a partial list of some of LASS 2.0’s new features (you can also read about LASS’s new A.R.C. (Audiobro Remote Control).

  • Stage & Color – At the heart of Stage & Color is a collection of exclusive orchestral sound profiles (colors) inspired by famous movie scores and recordings. Now, at the push of a button, LASS can adopt the tonal characteristics of some of the most coveted scores and recordings.

  • Sordino-izer (new to LASS Full 2.5) – We are excited to announce that you can now have our sought-after Sordino sound on all articulations of LASS Full 2.5. Previously, you were only able to have our Sordino sound on our Sustain and Legato Sordino patches. Now, with the use of our Color and Sonic Profile technology, you have that LASS Sordino Color on patches like: Tremolos, Trills, Staccatos, Spiccatos, Pizzicatos, First Chairs etc. Each patch was individually tailored to achieve the LASS Sordino sound.

  • New to LASS Full 2.5, all Colors that were previously only able to be loaded via the Audiobro Remote Control (ARC) can now be loaded from the patch itself. Much in the same way as described on the previous Sordino Color page.

  • Marcato Patches New to LASS Full 2.5 We are happy to announce a new class of patches for LASS 2.5. A number of users have requested Marcato patches as well as velocity-based dynamic patches as opposed to CC1/Mod-Wheel based patches. So we created velocity based Marcato patches with an “Attack Control” that the user can use to adjust the amount of attack to taste.

  • A new ARC (Audiobro Remote Control) master script that will allow for dramatically easier control of all sections and divisis from a single window.

  • Reverb and width controls of multiple patches from within the ARC

  • ART programming of multiple patches from within the ARC

  • CC Table control of multiple patches from within the ARC

  • Auto Arranger control of multiple patches from within the ARC

  • A new Key Switching approach of multiple patches from within the ARC

  • Aleatoric (string effects) patches

  • Non Vibrato to Vibrato patches

  • Legato Tremolo patches

  • Legato Trill patches

  • Micro Tuning and real-time performance of tuning

  • A CC Attenuation knob that allows on to ride CC attenuation in real-time or after-the-fact for added dynamic control.

  • A new User Interface that is easier to read and more pleasant to look at.

  • A drastically reduced footprint of only about 16.5GB due to the inclusion of NI’s NCW (loss-less compression audio file format) files. We include the 24 bit files since it will be about 30% less taxing on your hard drive than a 24-bit wave file. We noticed no measurable CPU hit using the NCW files… and we did a lot of testing.

  • Many other new features and improvements

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