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LOGIC PRO X 10.4 Now has Articulation Mapping for Most Major Orchestral Libraries! Babylonwaves!

A Composer's Dream

Imagine, all you orchestra sample libraries would feel like one. Structured and laid out in exactly the same way. So you can focus on your music instead of feeling distracted by technicalities.

Art Conductor for Apple's Logic Pro 10.4 is the most complete collection of Articulation Sets available.

Made of over a thousand of sets for major libraries including Spitfire, Vienna Symphonic Library, Eastwest, Orchestral Tools and Cinematic Strings.

Retake Control

All articulations sets are build in the same way. The key commands for the core techniques, which most libraries have in common, are assembled on the lowest octave.

It will take you no time to learn that Spiccato is always on E, independently of what library you’re using.

The remaining key switches follow the natural order within the individual instrument.

This unique universal key switches systems enables you to control all your libraries with one single Lemur, TouchOSC or hardware controller template.

Everything in perfect order

All articulations are sorted alphabetically. We've also streamline the way the techniques are named across all libraries. For instance ”Long” and ”Sustain” are always called ”Long” - because both describe the same. And, build our templates in a way that, if you make a new instrument and no particular articulation has been selected, you always get "Long" instead of something random.

We use custom made software to arrange all articulations into the perfect order. To automatically create consistent short names and notation symbols. You can even move a region from one instrument to another and in many cases, the articulations transfer although the library is from a different manufacturer.

In other words, it would take month to do all this by hand – with the tools available in Logic.

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