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INSOLIDUS - adj. soft, tender


I just added 8DIO's super-realistic INSOLIDUS CHOIR to my Kontakt 6 Library and it truly sounds AMAZING! 8DIO nails it for sure. OH! did I mention that it is on sale for half price ($298) until November 1st? Then the price leaps back up to $599. This deal is a no brain

Insolidus is produced by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer and Producer, Troels Folmann. Insolidus is a new-generation choral library dedicated to effortless, lyrical and expressive choral writing. It is the first to feature expressive polyphonic legato, so you can play advanced chord- and syllable progressions with a single patch.

Insolidus can be a soft, distant light of a silent snowy night. A contemporary scoring choir for epic and emotional pieces. Your gentle and sleepy sonic textures or the first pilot for any classical music composition.

The heart of Insolidus is 40 males and 25 females hand-picked by master conductor Petr Polonanik. The sessions took place over several weeks and with a completely new approach to sampling, which allows it to be completely fluent and effortless to work with. We spared no expense and the end result is over 89GB of choral material losslessly compressed to 37GB.

A variety of new recording and sampling techniques were deployed into Insolidus – making it the most realistic, instantly playable and lyrical symphonic choir in existence. You will find new articulation types such as our Arc Syllables. These offer a naturally swelling arc and the ability to control how many syllable changes (2, 3 or 4) you want in the arc. You have a deep assortment of new multi-vowels that were sampled dynamically – both in velocity layers, but also additional multi-vowels with natural swell motion in them. The multi-vowels also come different rhythmic accentuation. You have velocity based True Legato for Ah, Eh, Oh and Uh. You have short notes and sustains. Insolidus contains an advanced phrase-builder offering you the ability to create up to 64 strings of syllables. Insolidus contains 8 microphone positions (Mix, Decca, Far, Wide and Spot 1-4) and over 37.600 samples. The library revolves around a deep set of meticulously sampled articulations. It comes with an advanced phrase-builder that allows you to create completely realistic choral phrases. The intuitive phrase-builder offers you the ability to create long strings of words with up to 64 slots.

Polyphonic Legato and True Legato

One of the cornerstones of Insolidus is the ability to play the choir in a true polyphonic fashion. Whether you are creating beautiful swelling textures with our magical 2, 3 and 4 syllable arcs. Whether you are creating more advanced phrases with dynamic multi-vowels. The advanced and intelligent scripting behind Insolidus offers you the ability to play the choir however you like – with as many notes as you like. Insolidus also contains a large set dynamically layered True Legato samples – for common articulations such as: “Ah, Eh, Oh, Uh”. It can do anything you want.

Advanced Phrase-Builder

Insolidus contains a highly advanced phrase-building sequencer. The phrase-builder offers you the creation of up to 64 consecutive words. Insolidus contains an incredibly deep selection of completely realistic syllables. Whether you want to create a string of phrases using our new Arc Syllables or new dynamically responsive Multi-Vowels. Whether you want to blend 2, 3 or 4 syllables together or perhaps mix unique articulations recorded in both 3/4 and 4/4. Everything in the phrase-builder adapts to your host tempo. All designed to be used together.

New-Generation Sampling Techniques

Insolidus contains a variety of new proprietary sampling techniques – specifically developed for the library. These include our new “Syllable Arcs” with polyphonic legato. The Syllable Arcs comes with 2, 3 and 4 syllables, so the choir with natural sing tempo-synced syllables in a dynamic arc. Other articulations include new “Velocity Based Multi-Vowels” – where you can sculpt the choir from piano to forte – while its singing syllables. Insolidus also includes new “Multi-Vowel Swells” with natural dynamic variations in the syllables.

8 Microphone Positions

Insolidus contains up for eight different microphone positions divided into two categories. You have four hall microphones, including Mixed, Decca, Far and Wide. This combination allows you to control the exact placement of the choir on the scoring stage and supports 5.1 mixing. Insolidus also includes four individual spot microphones – for those who desire a more intimate- and local sound of the choir. Each spot microphone covers a segment of singers, so in essence a four-part divisi/chamber section for both males and females.

DAW Tempo Syncronization

Insolidus automatically adapts to any host tempo in your DAW . We created additional functionality by giving you the choice to play the choir in normal tempo, half-tempo, double-tempo and triplets. Insolidus includes advanced dynamic multi-vowels recorded in both 4/4 and 3/4, so you are covered for virtually anything you want to do in regards to lyrical writing choir. The advanced phrase-builder is also fully tempo-synced and allows you to sequence up to 64 consecutive words.

Section Control

Insolidus contains two separate sections, including 40 males and 24 females. You can either play the male and female sections together or as separate groups. Insolidus contains both group and individual section patches. In addition we also included the ability to adjust the volume for each section in the group patches. We also included a variety of additional controls, including legato intensity, release trigger volume, velocity response curves, dynamics and expression controls. It is all there – at your finger tips.

New 3.3 FX CHAOS Engine

Insolidus also come with a gorgeous set of built-in effects. We added Delay, Amp/Screamer Emulations, Lo-Fi (Bit-Crusher), Fuzz, Rotator and two different types of convolution reverbs. The first convolution reverb contains a variety of custom natural space we’ve recorded over time. This includes some of our favorite recording environments in churches and cathedrals. The second convolution reverb contains a large selection of more experimental convolution shots – great if you want to sound design the choir.

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